We proudly serve public fire departments, public & private EMS agencies, and private medical transport companies.

Our Services We offer a selection of billing & revenue cycle management services for your organization.

HIPAA Compliant Import of Transport Data

We can directly import your PCR data from your CAD/PCR system to our billing software or provide you a secure, HIPAA-compliant portal where data can be uploaded easily.

Complete Compliance Review of Every Claim

Our staff will review each transport claim for accuracy and compliance with all applicable laws (as well as best practices) keeping your agency in a good position for any potential audit.

Identify and Verify Insurance Coverage

Our system will scrub hundreds of payers to locate any available payer for your patient as well as verify the validity of provided insurance information for any claim.

Apply Agency's Customary Rates

Our system will automatically apply your agency’s customary rates to each level of service determined for each claim, providing your agency with accurate billing charges and revenue information.

Electronic Submission of Claims to Payers

To speed up cash flow and minimize potential errors, we submit all claims electronically to payers to get you your money even faster!

Timely Follow-up on Claims

Our system monitors your claims from start to finish. This allows us to spend time on the claims that need attention from rejections, denials, or taking them through a payer’s appeal process.

Payments Made Easy

We electronically post payments in our system as you receive them and move the claim through the revenue cycle process. Our system allows patients to pay (self-pay, co-pays, or deductibles) online with a check or credit card!

Monthly Reconciliation

Each month, every penny that comes in for your claims is reconciled against what is posted and those reconciliations are provided to you so you can see exactly where your money is coming from and that it’s properly accounted for.

Specialized Monthly Reporting

A specialized monthly reporting packet is provided to your agency with the information that is most important to you! With Ambulance Billing Network, you can tweak your own reporting package to meet your needs.

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