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Our most common career path for someone who doesn't come from the ambulance billing industry directly is to start out in "Pre-Billing" where you learn about insurance, basic compliance requirements, documentation, medical necessity, signatures, and physician certification statements.  Our pre-billing team collects everything needed to advance the claim to our Coding Team.  

The Billing Specialist is what most of our team is comprised of and this is someone who is detail-oriented and certified by the National Academy of Ambulance Compliance as a Certified Ambulance Coder.  Our team's Billing Specialist process new claims from the pre-billing team by assigning proper ICD-10 and HCPCS codes with modifiers and prepares the claims for their initial trip into a payer's system.  Billing Specialists also process denials, appeals, and manage contractual invoices between our clients and facilities they may have contracts with, such as hospitals, nursing homes, or hospices.  

As claims are processed by payers and either render a payment or a denial, those claims are reviewed and entered into our system by a Posting Specialist who enters payments, denials, reconciles deposits, and manages payment plans.

Occasionally, claims aren't processed by payers or aren't timely in receiving payment and those claims ends up with our AR Team who processes the older claims.  The AR Specialists are divided out by payer and managed through technology workflows and processes to help them get claims paid before they are too old to collect on.

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