Frequently Asked Questions


Why did I get a bill? Don't you bill insurance?

If your service is a "covered service" then your insurance company may pay some or all of your transport bill.  If we had the information at the time of your claim, then your insurance company was billed.  However, sometimes we have incomplete or improper insurance information so you may need to call us at (937) 435-1767 and provide us with updated information.

If we have the correct information and you still got a bill, it's likely because your insurance company didn't cover the entire charge, or left a portion to your deductible, coinsurance, or co-pay.  In that case, this is your responsibility to pay in full.

It looks like only one of my multiple insurances was billed. Why?

Medicare is the only insurance that auto-crosses to a secondary payer automatically, assuming your Coordination of Benefits (COB) is on file correctly with Medicare.  If we billed your primary insurance and received partial payment, then sent the rest of the bill to you, no worries! Just give us a call with your secondary insurance information and we can submit the claim to them on your behalf.

I was transported in a wheelchair van. Why didn't you bill my insurance?

Wheelchair van transportation is rarely a covered service outside of Ohio Medicaid.  There are some insurances that do cover it, but they are few and far between.  Medicare does not cover any portion of a wheelchair transport and they cannot be billed for wheelchair transports.  If you were transported by wheelchair and are not an Ohio Medicaid recipient, you likely are responsible for payment of that transport.  Call your insurance company directly (the number on the back of your card) if you have coverage questions regarding wheelchair transports.

I can't afford my bill. What are my options?

Our company is a billing agency, not the actual provider that provided you the service.  We do have some options we can offer including a short-term payment plan (less than 6 months) or can point you in the right direction to obtain some financial assistance.  As the recipient of a medical service, you are responsible for the bill related to that service.  Some of our clients send claims to collection agencies and some do not, so do not let a bill just sit.  Contact us with your situation so we can help get your bill taken care of.

I was in a car accident and it wasn't my fault. Why am I getting a bill?

You are likely getting a bill because the accident insurance information wasn't available to us at the time we processed your claim for service.  If you receive a bill, you can call us with that information and we can attempt to bill the accident insurance or you can turn your bill in directly to the adjuster you are likely already dealing with.  Whatever you do, be sure to give us a call and let us know your plans so that your claim doesn't end up in collections while you work on it for a reasonable amount of time.

Can I pay with my Health Savings Account?

Absolutely!  We can take payments via credit card or ACH online or over the telephone.  To make a payment, call (937) 435-1767, then choose option 1.  Any of our trained billing staff can take your payment over the phone!  To make a payment online, grab your bill and click below: