About Us


Certified Staff

One major difference between Ambulance Billing Network and some other agencies or providers who bill directly is that our staff who code claims are 100% certified staff through the National Academy of Ambulance Compliance as Certified Ambulance Coders.  Our billing specialists complete an initial training and are required to maintain their certification annually with mandatory continuing education in areas of compliance, Medicare updates, documentation and more.


Ambulance is all we do!

There are a lot of nuances to ambulance billing, so that's what we specialize in and that's all we do! We give 100% of our attention and effort into being the best at emergency and non-emergency ambulance claims.  With all the continuous changes in ambulance billing, it takes a dedicated staff to make the most of your claims!


Experience Counts!

Most of our staff has been doing ambulance claims for years!  Working for other billing agencies, providers, or payers in their past, our staff brings together a wealth of experience in ambulance claims so that we can collect, manage, and provide the very best billing service to providers of ambulance transportation.


Beth Pristas, CAC, CACO


Beth Pristas is the President of Ambulance Billing Network and oversees the company's operation since its inception in 2015.  Beth is a Certified Ambulance Coder and Certified Ambulance Compliance Officer.

LouAnn Perry, CAC, CADS


LouAnn Perry is the Director of Ambulance Billing Network and oversees the billing operation of the company and its clients.  LouAnn participates in the entire revenue cycle process of clients and has been in the ambulance billing industry since 2000.

Jim Pristas, CAC, CAPO


Jim Pristas is the Manager of Ambulance Billing Network and oversees cash posting, compliance, and is the Company's Privacy Officer.  Jim is a Certified Ambulance Coder and Certified Ambulance Privacy Officer.